Andy and Cliff

As some of you know, aside from Telling the Bees I play pipes with hurdy-gurdy maestro, Cliff Stapleton. Our music is a kind of organic trance, simple, looping but elegaic tunes played over and over, against the backdrop of a drone. There's dances that go with the tunes, though you can appreciate the music on it's own (photos here).

We have a gig coming up, in Bath, so do come along and check it out.

It's looking increasingly likely that next year we are going to be joined by concertina wizard, Jim Penny, of Red Dog Green Dog fame. The three of us had a splendid rehearsal last weekend. On the way home, Jim and I stopped for a walk up a prominent iron-age hillfort, along the 303. Not only was the view stunning - the Somerset levels disappearing into hazy autumn sunlight - but there was an unexpected treat, the fruits of the season poking up from the sward. Back ache ensued.


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