Lyric clouds

Having worried in an earlier post about overusing the words sun, moon, silver and gold in my song-writing, I thought it would be interesting to see exactly which words I do use. So last night I pasted the lyrics from both Telling the Bees albums into Wordle, and came up with the following word cloud.

I'm happy to see bees and wood right there in the middle, but oh and cos expose a certain laziness. Die, lurking there at the bottom but still catching the eye, reveals my major lyrical obsession - as if you didn't know. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions but, given that I am an old hobbit, I must confess to rather liking the preponderance of nature imagery. Scanning across, I find that new lyrics almost start to fall out - I'm wondering about using lyric clouds as a kind of cut-up technique (something that intrigues me but which I've never yet tried). So, for example: 'wonderful raging outside song'. Hmm.

The unstoppable spring is working its strange voodoo upon me. Including Astrolabe, I have now written four new songs - finished one last night while another landed in my head as I watched the room get light this morning. Like the blackbird, winter is dead to me, but now I can't stop singing.


  1. I like the nature imagery too, and (perhaps aside from 'cos') it seems to me to create a rather beautiful poem...I like the 'word telling trees' down the bottom.

    I've been having fun writing a very bad reggae song ('Garage Band' has a lot to answer for!)...reggae isn't really my thing, but I was inspired by some very good reggae over the weekend festival. I figure it's all good practice!

  2. I'm waiting (quite patiently) for you to write a blog post about your newest musical project Wod, please do it! I'd love to know more about it having been wowed at the wytham winter warmer.


  3. Hi Vicki - thanks for the prompt! Am intending to blog about Wod - just waiting until I've got some audio to share. As luck would have it, am just off to a rehearsal now, so watch this space! x



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