Wod at the Ashmolean Museum

As part of last weekend's Folk Weekend Oxford, Wod were booked to play an acoustic, Sunday morning set at the Ashmolean museum.

Playing acoustic is always better than through a PA but the acoustics and the setting of the museum were simply fantastic. We sat in front of an ancient, one-legged statue of a Greek fisherman, but there were equally extraordinary statues from Antiquity all around. Given his famous antipathy towards bagpipes, I'm not sure what the statue of Apollo would have made of it, but I hope he felt as moved as we did.

We all got rather lost in the music, as is the Wod way, but when we finished, we looked up and saw that people were listening and applauding all the way up the stairwell. Others just wandered by or sat on the floor and listened awhile. It was a great privilege to have been there.

Have a listen here (thanks to Nomi for photos and video).


  1. Gorgeous! Love the textures you three make. Wish I could have been there.

  2. There was a wonderful moment when the ancient one-legged Greek fisherman seemed to be smiling down on the three of you. A fabulous start to a Sunday - thank you all.

  3. Loved it! And my friend who was on duty as an attendant at the museum enjoyed it too.

  4. I was also there and really enjoyed a great session.



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