Telling the Bees were recently asked to contribute a track to a new compilation of strange and peculiar folk music going by the appropriate name of Weirdlore. It's being released by Folk Police Recordings on June 11th 2012.

The brief was to produce something new, a collaboration or a remix or just something from the vaults that had been lying around collecting dust. As we're currently a five piece (at least until the autumn) we decided to re-record 'The Worship of Trees'. We got kind of demented in the studio, as I hope you'll hear (though this new 2012 mix will only be available on this compilation).

I'm pleased to say the album has had it's first review, and most favourable it is too. Here's what The Active Listener blog has to say about us:

"Worship of Trees" by Telling the Bees sounds like a pagan Hawkwind left to their own devices in the woods, and features some exceptional violin work.

It's always refreshing to get a good review but on reading that I felt my work was done. Well, nearly.

There is, of course, a Weirdlore gig to go with the CD (in fact, the gig spawned the CD). It's going to be a good old-fashioned all-dayer, a festival in a box. I'm very excited about it. Tickets are selling out fast, so if you're thinking of going best to book early to avoid disappointment. Up the May!


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