On Hats and Looking Like Guy Fawkes

Owing to the vagaries of genetics I have rather limited options for playing with pogonotrophy. My facial hair grows naturally into the d'Artagnan 'tash and goatee I've been sporting for years. Apparently this gives me the likeness of one Guido Fawkes, but I don't see it myself.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be invited to do a Round Table interview with Howard Gayton and the elusive occult artist, Rex Van Ryn during which Rex asked if I'd consider modelling for the character of Guy Fawkes who is to appear in the forthcoming second volume of their excellent graphic novel series, John Barleycorn Must Die. Naturally I said yes, for though I prefer my protests to involve a little less blowing up, like Guy I do love a good hat. Hat-wearing is one of the few perks of middle age.


...and after.

This weekend, love of a good hat took me to what is possibly the best hat-shop in the world, Snooks of Bridport. Friendly staff, great service and definitely no snook-cocking whatsoever.

My old Rat Pack had started to whiff a bit like old rat and to everyone's relief I decided it was time for something new. Sadly I lack the necessary je ne sais quoi to pull off the Silk-Cut-purple fedora so settled instead for a black Stingy Brim.

Alas, I think I look more like Guy Fawkes than ever. Better keep my head down in the coming weeks.


  1. I've written you into my will. You're to receive my bicorn if it's still wearable when I die.

  2. Hot damn. They have a purple fedora? I gotta get me to Bridport.

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