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Of all the little pleasures in life, browsing in a secondhand bookshop is second to none, especially when the shop is well stocked with esoterica and other unexpected treasures. Glastonbury's Courtyard Books is just such a shop.

I dropped in on my way to Bath, and while the shop has always been good, I think it may have got better, for Ben Tweddell, ex-guitarist of the much missed psych-folk band Thistletown, is now working there. He's brought with him a bibliophile's love of rare and obscure titles, and an extensive knowledge of magic and psychedelic literature. The shop is positively brimming with good stuff and if he hasn't got what you want, he'll know where you can find it.

I came away with a copy of The Hermetica - thanks Ben! - and sound advice on which translation  to read. Now that's the kind of service you want from a bookshop.

Not only that, while you're there you also get the benefit of Ben's excellent psych and folk record collection playing in the background, making this one of the best browsing experiences I've had in a long time. When every other shop in Glastonbury sticks to the tried and tested cosmic-didge-bhajan-drone music, it's refreshing to hear something different.

But I've got a book to read, so I'll leave you with some trouser-widening, laid-back psych grooves from Ben's latest musical project, Twelve Hides


  1. You're a generous fellow, Andy. Good on you both.

    mike luster



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