Seven-league boots

In what's like a curse from some forgotten fairy-tale, I seem quite unable to find a pair of shoes that fit. My feet are narrow to the point of girliness, and slightly different lengths, such that they deviate wildly from the average size 9 to which they're supposed to conform. While I can always get one shoe to fit perfectly, the other crushes my toes, bruises my arch and sends sciatic pains up my leg. Perhaps I was unkind to a cobbler in a previous life? A poorly-fitting pair of shoes brings quiet misery.

Well, I've finally given in to common sense and had a pair of boots made to measure and while my purse took a hit, the knowledge that I shall stride through the next ten years stoutly shod puts a spring in my step and knocks such paltry concerns to one side. In any case, I like to support the artisan where I can.

I went to a local Devon company, Green Shoes, and I can't recommend them highly enough. As a local this meant I could drop in to get my feet measured in person, and they gave me not one but two fittings. When it transpired that the left shoe was, indeed, too tight, they took it away and resoled it without hesitation. It was a very different experience from anything you'll find on the High Street. If you'll forgive the pun, they put the soul back into shoe-making.

In the end, I went for the Dartmoor Boot in chocolatey brown leather with a car-tyre sole (for ease of re-heeling), though the options were many.

I don't know if I've paid off my dues to the cobbler of yore but I'm exceedingly happy. They may not quite be seven-league boots but I'm relishing the thought of walking many miles in their company.


  1. Hurrah! Here's to the moors and the paths that cross it

  2. Nothing can beat great shoes and bootmakers with soul! Congratulations!



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