Good things, bad things

The news that our nominal spiritual leader, the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, is not only a big fan of the Incredible String Band but is regularly to be seen at Robin Williamson gigs, tapping his foot in the front row, strikes me as a thoroughly good thing. I've always admired Williams' thoughtful approach to the moral questions of the day and the way he steadfastedly refuses to make simplistic judgements on complex matters. That he finds the ISB's music holy makes me like him all the more.

Less good is the news that shaman Peter Aziz is facing a fifteen month stretch for holding an ayahuasca ceremony in Somerset. How long, I wonder, until the powers that be take a more thoughtful approach to the matter of psychedelics and come to regard them as holy?


  1. I think that piece of string's a long one.
    And I add my hurrah for Rowan Williams' example of combining belief, empathy and intelligent thought.



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