Steve Jobs

I'm saddened by the news today that Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computers and techno-visionary, has died. I've been using Apple Macs since 1991 and was immediately struck by their elegance and simplicity (not to mention their implicit cool). With Macs there was always a unity of vision, linking processor to operating system to software to peripheries and the wider world. Everything fits together, everything works (unlike PCs, where fix is hammered onto fix and the whole grinds steadily to a halt. The other day I had to borrow a Windows laptop - I kid you not, it took 30 minutes to boot up - even my aged iBook G4, battered and dropped and barely able to cope with the internet performs better than that.) There's no doubt that a Mac is worth every penny.

Like many, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Jobs' charisma has been thoroughly routinized into the company and that it'll continue to excel at making machines that bring the future just a little bit closer.


  1. Sad, too.... and amazed at how clumsy it is when I have to do something on a PC on rare occasions. I can't handle the sounds or the way my fingers don't feel good on those keyboards. And, yup, let's hope Mac keeps dreaming big and producing outstanding form and function.



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