The Catweazle Club is one of the jewels in Oxford's dreamingly spired crown. Hosted by the incorrigible Matt Sage, it's an open performance space which is 100% acoustic and, thanks to the quality of the listening and the sheer variety of performers, never ceases to be a magic bardic crucible, leaving everyone feeling better than when they came in.

A folk club on acid, I've been playing there now for fifteen years. This recent video captures some of the vibe, and, indeed, a little of my good self, playing a fairly new song, One More Mazurka.

See you down there, perhaps? The best seats are in the front on the floor...

Catweazle 12.01.2012 from notiamobene on Vimeo.


  1. Great video! I've never had the nerve to play catweazle (always harder when you know some of the audience) but it could be this year, who can say??? Vikki x

  2. Andy - I LOVE the new song!!
    You are blessed in Oxford with Catweazle - it's a gem. Hope we get to partake again soon xxx



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