Over 50? Take drugs?

Channel 4 are looking to make a documentary about people over 50 who take illegal drugs but lead normal lives, and they need volunteers! I've spoken to Jennifer Gilroy, the producer, and I'm happy that they want to make a genuine film, one that will challenge our current cultural schizophrenia whereby in public no one takes drugs, but in private everyone does. In other words this won't be freakshow TV.

Details follow below - if you're at all interested give Jennifer a ring on 0141 353 8417.

My name is Jennifer Gilroy and I’m a producer with IWC Media, specialists in intelligent and thoughtful documentaries.  Previous programmes which have received critical acclaim include: Terry Pratchett: Living with Alzheimer’s and The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive with Stephen Fry, as well as recent blue chip science programmes such as Brave New World and Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe. 

I am currently developing a potential documentary for Channel 4 which looks at recreational drug taking amongst older people (50 plus).  People in this age group are often characterised as Britain’s ‘hidden drug users’ – which is interesting in itself, but what we want to do is see and hear positive personal stories, meet the people who want to talk about recreational drugs and the experiences they’ve had with them, all throughout their lives.   Drug taking is considered to be something that only the ‘younger generations’ do – but in fact, there are many happy, functional older adults who have been using drugs all their lives, and have had no problems as a result.

Channel 4 are really keen to make this and so I am trying to find the right contributors to take part.  I’m hoping to find individuals and groups of friends who are happy to talk candidly and allow us to film their normal everyday lives whilst discussing their relationships with drugs over the years.

If you might have 5 minutes to discuss it in a bit more detail,  I’d be delighted and can be contacted on direct line 0141 353 8417.


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