As I trudged through the snow-slushed, rain-clagged fields today, in baltic weather and with a leaky boot, I felt the need for some crazed ritual to slough off bleary winter. Clothe me in animal skins and spin me wildly to the beat of a drum. Someone. Please.

So thanks indeed to Sedayne for sending me this, more vintage footage of probably long lost European folk rituals, this time from the village of Todora in Romania. Wonderful to see how taken the players are, the Tzigan especially (who to my eye, looks like a young Daevid Allen).

Winter doesn't stand a chance against these fellows.


  1. Oh WOW! Absolutely love this!
    Wondering at the word Tzigan - a reference to the Gypsies who would have been the bear tamers originally I presume?
    Here's to much more of this sort of thing! xxx

  2. Two four-year-olds completely mesmerized by this! Thanks for posting it...



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