The Solstice horn

Summer Solstice is upon us and ordinarily I'd be making my way on foot or by bicycle to Avebury, as has become customary. Alas, not this time.

The forecast, it must be said, is dismal and while I've done my fair share of wet solstices I can't say a night out in the pissing rain is all that appealing right now. Having just moved to Dartmoor I feel little compulsion to go anywhere else. I'm still landing. But in truth, I'm staying put because I'm knackered, deep down tired, and I simply don't have the energy for all night shenanigans, music and magic brews. No, it's the acupuncturist's couch for me today and the summoning up of dwindling kidney chi.

But making use of the brief interlude of sunny weather earlier this week, I climbed up Meldon Hill, all four hundred metres of it, and, standing on a granite outcrop, gave the setting sun three blasts on my Solstice Horn. I trust that sufficed.


  1. Oh, do I recognize that tiredness! Rest well. But the runes, what do they say? Or is that a secret? :-)

  2. It's simply the rune row of the elder futhark which, according to your point of view, say everything or nothing at all!

  3. I was offered a lift to Scorhill at 3:30 tomorrow/tonight. Without the slightest hesitation, I said, No thanks. I know in theory I don't photosynthesise, but in practise, I just can't lose that much sleep when I've had so little solar warmth, and fear so little to come as we climb down into the holly wood. Very glad our dear old sun at least got a few blasts from you.

  4. Kidney chi? Doesn't sound very appetising to me. (We are talking about an infusion of boiled kidneys, or kidney-flavoured tea, I take it?)



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