Magic markings

After the brief efflorescence of the spunking knob, more strange markings have appeared outside, this time in the office car park just opposite.

There used to be a nice car-sized space in front of the wheely-bin but now, thanks to these lines, no one parks there anymore. Previously the car park tended to overflow, especially during the school run, I'm guessing much to the annoyance of the office workers and the bin men. Motorists ignored the signs.

But with no barriers, attendants, parking meters, ticket machines or clamping firms, it seems that all they had to do was paint some white lines on the tarmac. magic.

Just imagine what we could do if only we knew the right lines, markings, sigils and glyphs to daub upon the ground. We could topple governments. We could end climate change. We could change the world.


  1. Mmmm! My thoughts exactly.


  2. One wonders what magic the erect and active member would have wrought if it had been allowed to stay for long enough?



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