Not just for Christmas

It's been a Christmas full of dogs. I want a dog but sadly my lifestyle is far from dog-friendly. Nice to borrow others' though, just for a day.

And if the photos of this last puppy have made you all gooey, you can follow her exploits here.


  1. Nice dogs. Can't show you pictures of my dog because he's invisible. Can show you the 'Lost' posters I made when he went missing though.(on request)


  2. Whey! I'm so happy that you two are here. Thank you for taking the tie out to take some time out for the family. Lots of Love,
    Rosie and Jeff xo

  3. Our Flynn got a squeaking pig for Christmas...she doesn't seem too sure about it though, it's been banished to the far side of her bed!

  4. sweet :-)

    happy new year!



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