The wisdom of pipers

This quote is from the current issue of Chanter, the magazine of the Bagpipe Society. As that organ might, ahem, be a bit specialist for most of you I thought I'd share it here. It's very beautiful, and comes from an unknown Greek, cave-dwelling, anchorite, tsambouna player (as interviewed by American traveller George Burchill).

'I sit and listen to the shadows in my cave and I play them. I sit at the mouth of my cave and I hear my flock and the birds and I play them. I hear the wind and the rain and the snow and I play them. I hear my bees when they take their honey and I play them. I hear the sun and the moon and the stars and the silence and I play them. I hear the mountain flowers and the silent bats at night and I play them. I hear my breathing and my heart and I play them. I hear the silence and the years passing and I play them.'


  1. Not sure who he is Andy, but are you aware of this

    1. Yes! Did you read the story of how he found the tower?

  2. Yes. We used to live there (in Santorini, not the tower) so keep up with the news etc. How I miss it, even after 30 years.

  3. Hi Andy,

    This post so inspired me (a man after my own heart!) that I actually joined the Bagpipe Society & have sent off to go to the Big Blowout on the Saturday!

    'bout time, you will no doubt say.

    I hope that you are both settling into your new life well!

    Best wishes



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