Regular readers will remember that a few posts ago I shared a video from Polish band Mosaik. Their mix of indigenous Slavic folk with Eastern and medieval influences seems to have hit the spot for a number of you have been raving about them. Here's the video again in case you missed it.

I've just discovered that their next album is already recorded but they need to crowd-source the money to put it into production. Supporting the album couldn't be easier - just go here - but best to use a browser like Chrome that automatically translates the Polish for you. As I write there's just under a month left but they still have a way to go, so go on, give them some pennies! 75zl is about £20, for which you get the album and a t-shirt - bargain, I'd say.

Meanwhile, here are their two promo videos, the first a time-lapse sequence of them sorting out their studio, the second them playing in the fields as a huge thunder storm looms. Cracking stuff.


  1. Mm, earthy, angry, uplifting. Thanks for sharing Andy.

  2. I just visit blogs I've bookmarked throughout the years every now & again, and both times I've come to yours recently I have been greeted with wonderful music! Mosaik became an instant favorite when I first saw you post about them here. Thank you :]



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